IV Diel to Play Winthrop in Variety Theatre’s 2020 Production

We are pleased to introduce you to IV Diel, the talented young man who will play Winthrop Paroo in this year’s Variety Theatre production of The Music Man.

IV, who was part of the inclusive Children’s Ensemble in last year’s Variety Theatre production of Mary Poppins, is looking forward to taking on the role of Winthrop in 2020.

“I am excited to see and experience a new side of Variety Theatre,” says IV. “I loved being a part of the Kids Ensemble and now, in this role, I’m thrilled to experience a new aspect of this amazing company.”

IV goes on to share that, as a Variety Kid, his favorite part of being in Variety Theatre is the level of acceptance he feels.

“I’ve been accepted with my stutter to a point of getting a role I could never have dreamed of,” IV says.

This acceptance has also increased IV’s confidence and self-esteem, which empowered him to audition again this year and land a big role.

“Having a speech impediment often makes me feel held back from accomplishing something big, but getting this part really helped convince me that I am stronger than my struggle,” he continues. “The part of Winthrop has a speech impediment just like I do, which really allows me to open up and be myself on stage instead of playing the role behind a closed shell.”

IV also shares that being a part of an inclusive production has enabled him to be more accepting and helpful towards others, even outside of the program.

“It has been a real eye opener in the sense of showing me that although I have a struggle, others also struggle, and often times more than I do,” says IV. “So, my first priority is to help them and not myself.”

IV has a big heart and even bigger acting skills, and we can’t wait for you to see them highlighted on stage in The Music Man, coming this October 16 – 18 and 23 – 25! Tickets will go on sale in September of 2020. Learn more about Variety Theatre here.  

Stay tuned for more cast announcements throughout the coming weeks, including two more Variety Kids who will be taking on principal roles! Click here to see who will take the stage as part of the inclusive Children’s Ensemble.