Isaiah Stays Happy and Healthy

Variety Kid Isaiah loves getting outside and being active. He often rides his bike, goes for walks using a walker or takes a van ride with his parents to get out of the house – all things that have been vital to his wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic. And all things that were made possible thanks to Variety St. Louis.

Although the bike Isaiah is using now is a special tandem bike given to him by another family, it was Variety that introduced him to the joys of riding a bike in the first place.

“Variety gave Isaiah his first bike and gave him the opportunity to see how much he enjoys being on the bike,” says Isaiah’s mom, Julie. “He recently outgrew that bike, but he enjoyed it so much that we pursued another bike.”

Julie goes on to share that Isaiah absolutely loves Variety’s Adventure Camp program. Although he can’t physically attend Adventure Camp this summer, it is still helping him during quarantine.

“Adventure Camp has helped Isaiah enjoy being more active,” says Julie. “He tries to get some activity in while social distancing – he walked and biked in the same day, so he is two thirds of the way to a personal triathlon!”

Finally, Isaiah’s family van is now more accessible due to modifications made with help from Variety. Although the family isn’t using it much during this time, Julie says that it has been helpful to take Isaiah for a couple of short van rides just to get out of the house.

“The van is a wonderful benefit to us and we’re so thankful that Variety helped us with the cost,” says Julie.

At Variety, we’re committed to continuing to provide Variety Kids like Isaiah with the tools they need to not only stay safe and healthy, but to also stay happy, have fun and just be kids during this time. Learn more about how we can help your child with a disability here.