Introducing: Ameren Power Kid Taryn

During Runway Lights Fashion Show on April 21, 2018, four of our Variety Kids will appear on the runway in Ralph Lauren fashions designed just for them. They will also be modeling their impressive power chairs, which were provided through Variety thanks to help from Ameren. Leading up to the fashion show, we’ll introduce you to these amazing children and teens, also known as Ameren Power Kids.

Three-year-old Taryn would “get up and walk, but she’s really a mermaid,” which is the all-too-appropriate quote you will find on her blue Zippie-ZM 310 power chair. Not only does she love mermaids, but she has also been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which limits her mobility. But, like a mermaid, she doesn’t let it limit her!

Taryn also loves the color blue, and enjoys playing with her sisters – her favorite games are hide and seek and playing on the trampoline. Cows also make her smile, and a tasty milkshake always hits the spot.

This happy young girl also loves to make people laugh with sarcasm and slapstick comedy. She is already crazy smart, and not only knows her numbers and shapes, but has started reading and learning simple addition as well.

Taryn is also learning how to use her new power chair. She just received it late last year, and has only recently gotten to see what it can really do. And it can do a lot.

She is able to recline her seat, which is extremely helpful – sitting in a slightly reclined position helps her with head control. When she sits straight up, she gets fatigued easily, making it more difficult for her to drive the chair. It is also better for her to be reclined while she eats and takes medicine, and being able to adjust her position takes pressure off her hips and spine.

The seat on Taryn’s chair also elevates, which makes it easier for her caregivers to help her, if needed. It also allows her to raise or lower herself to different table heights, and to the same level of her peers. She loves to be the same height as her friends and family!

Taryn’s power chair also has different modes for indoor and outdoor driving – the outdoor mode lets her to go faster – and also allows for a caregiver to easily take over, if needed. But Taryn, who has an extremely independent personality already, is working hard so that she can drive herself as often as possible.

With the help of this power chair, this independence will only continue to grow. And we can expect Taryn to be anything she dreams of being – maybe even a mermaid.

You can find Taryn, and the other Ameren Power Kids, on the Runway Lights Fashion Show runway on April 21, 2018. Click here for more information.