Hannah has a Splashing Good Time

Variety Kid Hannah spent the end of her summer doing something she has never been able to do before – going to the neighborhood splash pad. And that’s not just because a new splash pad just opened in her hometown.

Hannah has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which limits her mobility. She uses a wheelchair to get around, but this piece of equipment shouldn’t get wet. This has left Hannah sitting on the sidelines on more than one occasion while her brother and her friends have all of the fun.

But not anymore! Thanks to Hannah’s new Splashy Portable Bath Seat, provided with help from Variety and our supporters, she can join in on the good times in the water. Plus, her parents can use it in the bathtub to keep Hannah safe and secure. And it is compact and lightweight, making it easier to bring along to that splash pad, or even on vacation on the beach or in the kiddie pool.

And the Splashy Seat will allow Hannah’s family to play together. Before, Hannah’s parents had to hold her while in the pool, and her brother couldn’t join them at the same time. Now, Hannah can be secured into the Splashy Seat and everyone can join in the fun!

When asked why this Splashy Seat is so important, Hannah’s mom, Jessica, says, “For normalcy. Her brother can do it, so she should be able to do it too!”

And, sometimes, it really is as simple as that. At Variety, we are all about helping kids just be kids.

If you or someone you know is in need of durable medical equipment, you can learn more about our program here.