Go Fish!

Our Adventure Campers love to try new things! This year, many of them got to experience fishing, and this fun outdoor activity proved to be a favorite of many of the campers.

Thanks to the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC), Adventure Campers used a fully stocked pond in Forest Park, and many of them were able to catch a fish (or two, or three)! The MDC also provided various fishing tips to our staff and counselors to ensure that all involved had the best-possible experience.

Our fishing times, however, were not just spent having fun along the water’s edge. Campers also learned about the water, the animals that live in and around it and the conservation needed to maintain it all.

Thank you, MDC, for providing us with many of the resources that enabled us to make fishing happen for Variety Kids. Because of you, many of these children with special needs caught a fish for the very first time! It is these unique experiences that help make Adventure Camp a fantastic program for our campers.

If you’d like to learn more about the Missouri Department of Conservation, visit their website here.