Giving Mason the World

Variety Kid Mason recently received a new power wheelchair, thanks to help from Variety and our supporters. It is already helping him be more independent – he is now able to access his world in ways that were not possible before.

Overwhelmed with gratitude, Mason’s mom, Jennifer, shared a heartwarming, powerful note with us. It details all of the ways this new power wheelchair has already made a difference in Mason’s life, and how grateful she and her family are for Variety’s support.

We wanted to share this note with you – read it now below.

Dear everyone at Variety,

Our family is beside ourselves with awe and gratitude that your organization would provide Mason with this insanely amazing chair. Overwhelmed, speechless - no words even begin to express how we feel right now.

We thought insurance would pay for some of it, and when it didn't, we figured that was the end of that. No way on Earth did we think you'd be able to provide it entirely! I literally gasped and had to sit down to try to comprehend the magnitude of this gift.

Oh my goodness, we are just dumbfounded with joy and appreciation for all the ways this will help! Mason has poor bone density, bad hips and terrible GI issues. Standing helps ease these issues, but it's been difficult to get him standing more than twice a day with a regular stander due to our own health concerns from repeated lifting/transferring. This new chair automatically stands up and can go outside, so he'll be able to stand up lots more in new settings with the touch of a button and experience things he never has before!!! It can lay flat, too!! And it will also act as at least three pieces of equipment for us - stander, wheelchair and therapy/feeding chair!!

Plus, he is now able to practice independently moving his own chair, which he has never been able to do in a manual chair! And, for the first time, he'll be able to have his talker with him, even when standing and out and about. This is huge and will help immensely in communication skills. Mason will also be able to rise up to eye-level with his peers or helpers at school and church, and he thinks that is awesome!

Not only that, but now that we have a new baby, we knew we wouldn't have room in the vehicle to carry a stander on vacation anymore because Mason would need to sit in his wheelchair in the back. Now, we can always have a stander when we travel because it's part of Mason's chair He will be immeasurably more comfy traveling now, too, because he will finally be able to stretch his legs every few hours at rest stops like the rest of us! This may seem like a little thing but it truly is a game changer, and we have only begun to consider the possibilities because we never in our wildest dreams thought we would get a gift like this chair.

We are so humbled and blessed and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please look for updates soon as we get familiar with how it all works and how to help him use it to its full capacity to maximize Mason's health, comfort, overall development, and joy in life experiences that might otherwise have been impossible, for years to come!!!

Thank you again and again...

Brian, Jennifer, Micah, Mason and Anna Cate