Gabe's Camp Memories

One sunny day, Gabe was playing baseball with all of his friends. He moved into the batter’s box, tapped his bat on the plate and stuck out his tongue in concentration – just like the big leaguers. 

The pitch came flying in and time seemed to slow as Gabe pulled his bat back and smacked the ball into the outfield.

Gabe’s friends cheered as he took off around the bases. He rounded first, swung around second and third and headed for home. As the cheers got louder, Gabe slid across the plate for a home run!

To Gabe and his friends, it didn’t matter that Gabe was getting around the bases using a cart designed just for him. It didn’t matter that he didn’t have legs. All that mattered was that they were having a blast at Variety’s Adventure Camp.

Here at Variety, we believe that all kids deserve the chance to make camp memories like Gabe’s. Camp is a formative experience where youth all across America meet new friends, have new adventures and conquer new challenges. Why should a child’s abilities stop them from participating?

Summer camp gives kids the chance to grow. Adventure Camp makes sure kids with special needs don’t have to miss out. And you can help make all of this possible.

Click here to support Variety’s Adventure Camp program, giving local kids and teens with special needs the chance to make lifelong friends and irreplaceable memories.