A first for Variety: providing seizure monitors

Emfit Movement Monitor

Recently, and for the very first time, Variety helped a family get a seizure monitor. This device monitors and records a child’s movement during the night and lets parents know when a seizure is taking place. It also lets parents sleep a little easier knowing they’ll be immediately alerted if a seizure occurs.

Right after getting this first family a monitor, a second family approached us with the same request. We can happily report we were also able to provide one to them.

One of the parents who received a monitor wanted us, and our Variety contributors, to know what this gift means to her family.

“The monitor doesn’t take away Spencer’s seizures. But it does help me care for her, making her nights a little safer and mine a little more sound. The Emfit monitor will be a part of our lives for years, and we are so grateful for it.”

Thanks to your support of Variety, sometimes we help kids and their families in the blink of a sleepy eye.