Fiona’s Life-Changing Bed

Variety Kid Fiona smiles while relaxing in her new Sleep Safe bed, provided with help from Variety St. Louis.

We always say that many pieces of medical equipment impact both the Variety Kid and his or her entire family. This is especially true for SleepSafe beds. Not only do these safety beds keep children with disabilities comfortable and secure, but they also make so many things easier for parents and other caregivers.

Take Variety Kid Fiona, for example. Her new SleepSafe bed is already making a huge difference in her life, and her parents, John and Ali, are extremely grateful. Ali recently wrote a note to Variety and urged us to share it with everyone involved in the process – including you, our fantastic supporters!  


I’ve been wanting to send a big thank you to everyone at Variety who made it possible to get an amazing new bed for our daughter Fiona. It has absolutely changed our lives!

We got the SleepSafe bed delivered a few weeks ago and we’ve all been enjoying how much easier it makes things for us. We had a regular twin bed before, and it was getting difficult to lift Fiona out and bend down to do everyday tasks with her. Now, we can raise and lower her bed to the height that’s easiest for whatever we’re doing, and it’s really saving our backs!

Plus, now that we can raise the head of the bed up automatically, it’s so much easier on Fiona when she needs to be elevated. Before, we had to lift her to put a wedge under her whenever she needed help breathing.

Also, we can just jump in the bed right beside her now if she’s not in the mood to be held, and it’s wonderful! Since we got the full size, we’ll also always be able to snuggle with her, even as she grows bigger! 

Being able to raise the rails for safety, having an IV pole for her feeding bag and pump, and the nice comfy mattress that reduces the risk of pressure spots are just a few more of the many things we are so thankful to have with this bed.

It’s all possible because of Variety, and I wanted to make sure you all knew how much our lives have improved because of the funding we received. Here are some pictures of our cutie in her big girl bed! Please pass this and the pictures on to everyone involved in the process!


John, Ali, and Fiona A.

Without you, Variety Kid Fiona would likely still be sleeping in her twin bed. These Sleep Safe beds can be expensive, and insurance does not often cover the entire cost. Thank you for giving so generously at so that Fiona and other Variety Kids can sleep soundly!