Evelyn's Spirit

Imagine having to sit and watch as your friends play around you. This would be difficult for most people, much less a four-year-old as lively and joyful as Evelyn.

Evelyn’s mom, Allison, describes her as a child full of fight and spirit, who just wants to be independent, and keep up with the other kids. Her brand new orthotic shoes, Surestep SMOs, help her do all of this and more.

The orthotic shoes, which were provided with help from Variety and our donors, improve Evelyn’s balance and stability, and also assist with proper alignment. Her feet naturally turn out, and, if her feet are out of alignment for too long, she will eventually require corrective surgery. With the help of SMOs, however, this will hopefully be avoided.

The SMOs also have an added benefit of helping Evelyn with her fine motor skills, which she practices when she is able to put the shoes on herself. Allison shares that it is clear that Evelyn recognizes how much the SMOs help her because she is eager to put them on each day.

“We are so grateful for Variety’s help with them,” adds Allison. “Evelyn just wants to play and be independent, and these help her do that.”

These are Evelyn’s first pair of orthotics from Variety, but they are, in fact, her fourth pair. Much like any pair of shoes, she consistently needs to be re-sized and fitted to new pairs as she grows. This pair in particular has a princess theme, complete with castles, frog princes, butterflies and more. The colorful, happy print appropriately reflects the spirit of the child wearing them.

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