Evan Sleeps Safe and Sound

Variety Kid Evan is eight years old. He loves Mickey Mouse and the St. Louis Cardinals - he dreams about one day going to the stadium to see a game for the first time.

Evan has also been diagnosed with autism. He is also nonverbal, has sensory issues and has a global development delay - these challenges are what makes it difficult for Evan to attend a baseball game.

Lately, these challenges have caused Evan to have trouble sleeping at night, affecting Evan's ability to even dream about baseball. Evan has grown too big for a crib, and is now able to get out of bed and out of his room on his own, wandering the house and even heading outside to the front porch.

Evan’s mom, Kristina, has been worried about Evan eventually hurting himself by getting out of bed or leaving the safety of his home. Because Kristina often stays awake to make sure Evan stays in bed, she hasn’t been sleeping well either.

This has all changed now that Variety has helped provide Evan with a new safety bed. 

This safety bed is comfortable and secure, helping Evan sleep better through the night. It also keeps him safe and contained when he does wake up, and he is now better able to sooth himself back to sleep.

Kristina recently shared these photos with us, saying, “Evan is loving his bed! We can both sleep peacefully now.”

This safety bed is just one more example of how the equipment Variety provides helps Variety Kids AND their families! Thank you to our supporters for helping us make a difference in the lives of Variety families around the St. Louis area.