Do You Need a Bike?

A bike is not just a bike. It is a mode of transportation and symbolizes freedom, independence and childhood. At Variety, we believe that every child should have access to a bike, no matter his abilities.

At Bikes for Kids, we give away close to 200 bikes to St. Louis-area kids. We provide standard bikes of all sizes, both with and without training wheels, to kids and teens of all abilities. We also provide therapeutic bikes, which are adapted to the rider’s specific needs with special frames, seats, pedals and more, and are given to Variety Kids with unique abilities.

Bikes for Kids 2018 will take place on November 17 at Parkway Central High School. At the event, children and teens will receive their bikes along with the necessary safety gear.

If you, or someone you know, are in need of a bike for a child or teen, please contact us soon to reserve your spot on the list. It should be noted that a parent or caregiver will need to provide transportation for the bikes following the event.

For those requesting a standard bike, fill out the form at this link and contact Robin Diehl via email or phone at 314-720-7717 with any questions. The deadline to request a standard bike is October 8, 2018.

Those in need of a therapeutic bike should contact Misty Burton directly via email or phone at 314-720-7708. Therapeutic bikes do require additional medical documentation and we have a very limited number of therapeutic bikes remaining for this year, so please contact Misty as soon as possible. Once these bikes are claimed, those who qualify for a therapeutic bike will be placed on a waiting list for next year.

We can’t wait to see your and your child’s smiling faces at Bikes for Kids 2018!