Davin’s School Supplies

For many kids, the weeks leading up to their very first day of school are spent picking out their first school supplies, from pencils to folders to backpacks. These supplies serve as tools that make the transition to school a little easier, helping them feel prepared for the year ahead.

Variety Kid Davin started kindergarten this year fully prepared, thanks to a new tool provided by Variety St. Louis and our supporters – a communication device.

Davin has been diagnosed with autism and has a speech delay – he speaks, but only in single-word requests. Because he is unable to communicate fully, he often becomes frustrated, which sometimes causes behavioral challenges.

“Everyone, from his doctors, to his teachers, to his therapist, agreed that having a way to communicate will help Davin improve his behavior,” says Davin’s mom, Victoria.

Davin’s new communication device will help him use more words and form full sentences. With the device, he will be able to share his wants and needs, and express how he feels in any situation.

The communication device will be a big asset at school because, with it, Davin will now be able to better communicate with his teachers and his classmates. His newfound voice will enable him to ask for help in the classroom when he needs it, and make new friends on the playground.

Without the help of Variety, however, Davin might not have received the device in time for school. Victoria shares that, while she would have been able to save up for a device eventually, she knew that having it for the first day would be crucial for Davin.

But Variety made the process easy.

“This was a huge blessing because I was concerned that Davin would not have his device by the first day of school,” says Victoria. “I feel like I have accomplished what Davin needs for school thanks to you all.”

Variety’s durable medical equipment program makes it possible for Variety Kids like Davin to access the tools they need to navigate their world, whether that is at school, at home, or anywhere else. You can learn more about this program here.