Comics for Campers

At the end of their Winter Camp sessions, Variety Kid and Variety Teen campers all walked away with a super cool new comic book, courtesy of Polarity and Lion Forge.

Polarity is on a mission “to bring authentic content to a diverse global audience.” They are passionate about inclusiveness and representation across all sectors of entertainment media, from film to music to games and, of course, comics.

Lion Forge represents the comic and graphic novel publishing sector of Polarity. At the heart of Lion Forge is dedication to great storytelling, and they are committed to producing “Comics for Everyone” that represent “every kind of reader.”

Chief Executive Officer of Polarity, David Steward II, is a longtime supporter of Variety and our message of inclusion. He wanted to continue his support by giving Variety Kids the opportunity to read comics that reflect all types of people.

Thus, each 2019 Winter Camp camper received an age-appropriate comic book on their last day of Camp. They were so excited about their comics that they couldn’t wait to get home to read them – many immediately sat down with their counselor buddies for story time as they waited for their parents.

Thank you, Polarity and Lion Forge, for generously providing these fantastic comic books so that each of our campers could see your amazing work! And thank you for continuing to spread the all-important message of inclusion around the world.