Cinsere Thanks

Variety has helped Cinsere, who has been diagnosed with autism, for “four wonderful years,” says Jonna, Cinsere’s grandma.

During that time, he has received multiple therapy sessions and has participated in Adventure Camp. Jonna says that the assistance Cinsere has received has helped him become more self assured, independent, engaged with peers, and willing to try new things.

At Adventure Camp, which is Cinsere’s favorite Variety program, he has been able to do activities he would not have been able to experience anywhere else. Through camp, he has learned new things and met new friends, and each day is the best day ever.

Through hippotherapy, or equine-assisted therapy, Cinsere builds confidence in his abilities by improving balance and strength, as well as developing a wide range of skills that include everything from socialization to hand-eye coordination. Aquatic therapy, another service provided through Variety’s TherHappy Kids program, helps Cinsere with everything from sensory issues to functional movements to, again, socialization.

The most important new experience Cinsere and his family have had since joining Variety, however, is trust. Jonna shares that, before Variety, she had a difficult time trusting others to take care of her grandson. Because of Variety’s caring, compassionate staff and volunteers who understand the needs of each individual child, Jonna is now able to have faith that Cinsere is receiving the best care possible, which she says is a freeing feeling. “Variety has been a tremendous blessing to our family,” she adds.