Can Jada hear better? Roger, that!


Thanks to the new Roger Pen Variety was able to provide, Jada can now better distinguish speech from background noise. 

Even with the two hearing aids Jada wears, it’s often hard to pick out, for example, her teacher’s voice from the noisy environment of a classroom full of kids.

That’s where the Roger Pen goes to work. And school. And anywhere Jada needs it. 

At school, her teacher wears the Roger Pen, and its wireless-microphone transmits her voice, via Bluetooth connectivity, directly to Jada’s hearing aids. 

At home, the Roger Pen can transmit sounds coming from a TV right to Jada, and the rest of the family is spared a TV at full blast.

Thanks to the Roger Pen, any challenging listening environment won’t be, improving Jada’s ability to pay attention, her ability to be part of group activities, and her ability to participate fully in life.

Proving, once again, that the equipment Variety provides to kids with special needs can have a big effect without being big itself.