Camryn Goes Camping

Variety Kid Camryn absolutely loves being outside. While his limited mobility can make this a challenge, his family does everything they can to do what he loves.

That’s why they reached out to Variety St. Louis. They were in need of a stroller that would be lightweight and versatile enough to take along on a variety of adventures, while still providing the support and comfort that Camryn needs.

This summer, Variety was able to provide Camryn with this much-desired stroller, and he and his family tested it out on a camping trip soon after.

Camryn’s mom, Lindsay, shared these photos from the trip with us, saying, “The stroller is amazing! Thank you!”

The weekend they chose to camp had beautiful weather, and Camryn had so much fun hanging out at the campsite with his parents, his dog and his brother. They were even able to take the stroller on the rough trails surrounding the campsites, exploring together as a family.

This is what Variety is all about – empowering Variety Kids and their families to live amazing lives and engage with their world through access to vital medical equipment. Thank you to all of our supporters who helped make this camping trip, and so many more experiences, possible!