A Camp Grant from the Dula-Kobusch Charitable Trust

We are pleased to announce that Variety St. Louis has received another generous grant! This grant comes from the Dula-Kobusch Charitable Trust.

The grant will specifically benefit Variety’s Adventure Camp program, which provides a free day camp experience to children with special needs in the St. Louis area. With the funds, Variety St. Louis will be able to continue to provide the new skills, friends and fun that Camp brings to all involved. Camp activities include those that many of our campers may not experience anywhere else, such as rock climbing, ice-skating, bowling, swimming and more.

Thank you, Dula-Kobusch Charitable Trust, for your generosity! Without grants like this, Adventure Camp would not be the program it is today. It is with the help of these funds that Camp continues to grow year after year, bringing in more campers and more adventures than ever before.