Broc’s Dream Van

One of our Variety Kids recently received a surprise so amazing that it seemed like a dream – especially because his family had to wake him up from a nap when we arrived at his home. Once Broc realized that what he was seeing was real, he could not stop smiling as he checked out his adapted van.

An accessible van is a necessity for Broc and his family. Because he is growing older, and getting bigger, transferring him from his chair and into the car was becoming more and more difficult. Broc’s family’s previous vehicle was also relatively small, and his wheelchair did not easily fit in the back.

Broc’s new ride was adapted specifically for his needs, complete with a wheelchair ramp that makes loading and unloading a breeze. The van also features tie-downs that will keep Broc safe, and a third row of seats that will allow the whole family to ride together.

After loading into the van for the first time, Broc was ready to roll. Using his communication device, he made it clear that it was time to take a test drive. Broc’s mom, Tamico, had to promise to take him out soon – maybe even to one of his favorite places, the St. Louis Zoo.

That’s what is so great about this van. Not only does it help Broc and his family to go to necessary medical and therapy appointments, it allows for more fun excursions well. The ease of loading and unloading makes traveling with Broc quicker, so that his family has more time to do the things they want to do, together.