Breaking a sound barrier for Jack

Perhaps sitting in a classroom listening to the teacher go on about the Pythagorean Theorem isn’t your idea of a good time.

But you know what’s worse? Sitting in that classroom and not being able to hear what the teacher’s saying about the measurements of angles.

That was the reality for 12-year-old Jack until very recently, when, through the contributions of Variety supporters, Jack was able to get game-changing processors for his cochlear implants.

According to his mom, Jack’s new processors replace technology that was cutting-edge when he was two, and will bring him 40% better and clearer sound.

That means he’s better able to focus on particular sounds when he’s with groups of people, or in extremely noisy environments, both of which are hallmarks of most classrooms.

After his first day of school with the new processors, Jack told his mom everything “sounds much better.” He didn’t say it in any “oh my gosh” kind of way. That’s not Jack’s style.

But take it from us: hearing his friends and teachers like never before is something for which Jack, and his whole family, are extremely grateful.

Happy Jack