A BOLD Partnership with Washington University

During the last week of Teen Adventure Camp 2019, a group of students paid a visit to Camp. These young women were part of Business Opportunity and Leadership Development (BOLD), a program with Washington University St. Louis’ Olin School of Business.

BOLD presents an opportunity for rising female junior or seniors in high school to learn more about business, develop leadership and teamwork skills, and foster discovery, networking and personal growth. As part of this year’s weeklong program, one of the projects assigned to the students was in partnership with Variety St. Louis.

We tasked project participants with developing strategies to better engage and retain the support of our amazing camp counselors as they move on from the counselor role and advance in their professional careers. We asked the students for three to five tactics that we can implement moving forward – and they stepped up to the plate!

The purpose of the students’ visit to Teen Camp was to host informal interviews and focus groups with Variety staff members. Participants had the chance to ask questions about Variety’s goals and mission as well as current communications and development efforts. They also spoke to the camp counselors themselves to better understand their current connection to Variety and brainstorm how to best stay connected.

After this on-site visit, the students split into groups to develop their own strategies surrounding the task set before them. They then presented these plans to Washington University professors, program leaders and Variety staff members. Each plan was unique and included inspired ideas on how Variety can move forward with an initiative to stay in contact with our camp counselors.

We want to thank each of the students involved for their participation and dedication to the project. And thank you to Washington University and the Olin School of Business for this fantastic opportunity and partnership!