Blessing’s Small Equipment Makes a Big Impact

When Variety Kid Blessing was born prematurely, she contracted meningitis, which caused swelling in her brain and resulted in four brain surgeries. Since then, she has had challenges with mobility and independence, particularly with the left side of her body.

Blessing uses a wheelchair, ankle foot orthotics and other equipment to gain strength and to keep her healthy and mobile. But it is one small piece of equipment that is making a huge impact – a Benik splint.

This splint, which was provided with help from Variety and our supporters, is worn on Blessing’s left hand. This hand is often closed tight, but the splint is helping Blessing strengthen and stretch it so that it stays open.

By opening up this hand, the Benik splint has opened up a new world for Blessing. Before, she was unable to use her hand at all. Now, she is able to get dressed, reach for things she needs and hold her mother's hand. Blessing can also now better use her communication device to express herself, and she is able to push herself in her wheelchair for the first time.

“My daughter gets to find a new way to be independent with the left side of her body,” says Shontay, Blessing’s mom.

Without Variety’s assistance, however, Blessing likely would not have received this vital piece of equipment. While their insurance did cover many of her other needs, their request for the splint was denied because it “wouldn’t help her walk,” says Shontay.

But Shontay knew how much of a difference this small splint would make in her daughter’s life, and she is grateful that Variety recognized this need as well.

“To know that there are people in this world who do care is amazing,” Shontay says.

Thank you to all of our supporters who make a big difference in the lives of Variety Kids like Blessing! Learn more about our Durable Medical Equipment program here.