Baker's Family Ties

Variety Mom Abby’s late grandmother, Betty MacConnell, was a longtime supporter of Variety St. Louis. Abby fondly remembers attending many Variety events and fundraisers at her grandmother’s side.

So, when her son, Baker, was in need of a helmet, contacting Variety for assistance felt as if she was coming full circle.

“I felt like my grandmother was helping us out from above,” says Abby.

Baker needs his helmet due to his diagnosis of torticollis, which has limited the range of motion in his neck, causing a severe flat spot on his head. The helmet will help reshape his head, not only preventing any internal issues, but also giving Baker the chance to more easily wear bike helmets, hats and other headgear later in life.

“It really has a lifelong benefit,” Abby says.

Baker, however, almost didn’t receive this much-needed helmet. His family’s insurance hasn’t covered many of his medical costs, according to Abby, and they’ve already paid for many expenses out of pocket.

“Without Variety, we may not have been able to get a helmet for Baker,” Abby adds. “We are so incredibly grateful – it is truly a blessing!”

Vital pieces of medical equipment, like Baker’s helmet, help Variety Kids throughout their entire lives. For Baker, it’s the chance to be healthy and eventually wear the same headwear as his friends. For others, it may be the possibility of increased mobility and independence. For all Variety Kids, it’s the opportunity to better access and engage with their world. Learn more about our durable medical equipment program here.