Aydin Hears You, Loud and Clear

Aydin has experienced difficulty with hearing for most of his life. Ever since he can remember, it has been hard to hear his friends, teachers and family members.

After multiple tests, it was finally determined that Aydin was experiencing partial hearing loss in his left ear. While he can hear lower frequencies in this ear, he cannot hear higher frequencies.

His mom, Shauna, shared that, if anyone is speaking to him from his left side, he often doesn’t respond because he simply can’t hear them. This was making seemingly everyday things, like paying attention in class or even taking part in family conversations in the car, difficult for Aydin.

Now, with the help of a hearing aid provided with assistance from Variety and our supporters, these things should be a little easier.

We stopped by Mercy Children’s Hospital for Aydin’s first fitting to see just how his new hearing aid – in a super cool green – works.

The doctors first placed the hearing aid on Aydin, and then connected it to a special computer that adjusts the hearing aid to the wearer’s needs. This specific brand of hearing aid was selected because it matches Aydin’s needs by bringing higher frequencies down to the level that he can hear.

Using a recorded passage that includes many of the spoken sounds Aydin will hear on a regular basis and mimics the fluctuations in human speech, the doctors worked with the computer and hearing aid until the output on the screen lined up with the correct pitches.

They also worked with Aydin to determine at what levels he could hear the best, and where he was most comfortable. And he was taught how to wear, clean and take care of his new device.

As Aydin got used to the hearing aid, we could see the confidence and excitement growing. When asked about how the hearing aid will help him, Aydin simply said, “It will help me hear better!”

But the grin on his face really said it all.