Atharva Can Finally Hear Clearly

Atharva hearing aids


For a long time, Variety Kid Atharva was struggling to hear during class. Atharva has hearing loss and uses processors to hear, but his equipment had become outdated. He was no longer able to connect to current DM systems – the systems that make it possible for students like Atharva to hear from a distance in the classroom.


When Atharva’s school asked if his parents could purchase new processors that would better connect with the new systems, they did not know what to do. These processors are expensive, and they were concerned that they would not be able to access the correct equipment that Atharva needed.


“As soon as we heard the system would not work with the existing processor, we were beginning to feel depressed,” says Atharva’s dad, Mallik. “I did not know about Variety yet when the school suggested we reach out. So, I requested (assistance) from Variety and I received a response immediately!”


Variety has since stepped in to cover the cost of Atharva’s new processors. When he received them, he couldn’t stop smiling! Now, he is able to hear better in class and out, especially from a distance.


“We are now able to connect to the DM system, which was not possible before,” Mallik says. “Now he is able to hear clearly!”


If your child with a disability is in need of equipment and you aren’t sure where to turn, we urge you to reach out to Variety St. Louis! We offer assistance with a wide range of medical equipment, from processors to wheelchairs to communication devices and more, to St. Louis-area kids and teens. Learn more at!