Anthony's Joyful Story

You may have seen our 2018 holiday card featuring Variety Kid Anthony. On the card, shown below, Anthony is showing his joyful personality, playing and laughing through life.

We wanted to tell you a little more about this awesome Variety Kid. 

Anthony enjoys going to school – he loves being with his friends and his teachers, too. He is currently in fourth grade, is an honor roll student and he participates in his district’s gifted program.

Outside of school, Anthony loves to play basketball. He is in a wheelchair basketball league and you can often find him practicing his skills even off the court.

Anthony uses a wheelchair because he was paralyzed from the waist down due to a spinal cord injury when he was just two years old. His mom, Neshia, found out about Variety St. Louis and joined the Variety family not long after his injury, and we have helped Anthony ever since.

Just this summer, Anthony received a brand new wheelchair from Variety after his previous wheelchair was damaged. Neshia shares that Anthony was thrilled to get back into a wheelchair made just for him – the loaner wheelchair he had to use for two and half months was difficult to maneuver, making it hard to get around and practice his basketball moves.

But now, Neshia says Anthony is back in his “comfort zone.” The wheelchair is how Anthony accesses his world, and it takes him wherever he needs to go. Neshia shares that Anthony sees the wheelchair as an extension of himself.

“The best thing about the chair is it is ‘his,’” says Neshia. “He lets everyone know that ‘his’ chair is a part of him.”

And Neshia says that this is possible thanks to Variety and our supporters.

“Because of Variety, Anthony has never had to go without the medical equipment that helps improve his quality of life, confidence, strength and childhood,” she says.

At Variety, we help Variety Kids like Anthony live amazing lives, and have the childhood they deserve. If you’d like to learn more about our durable medical equipment program, click here.