Anthem Presents First Adventure Camp Grant

Anthem has supported Variety St. Louis in various capacities since 1999. That’s almost 20 years of partnership! In 2018, however, they are taking their funding one step further by providing a grant to Variety’s Adventure Camp for the very first time.

This grant will go towards providing St. Louis-area children and teens with special needs with a unique, completely free day camp experience. At Adventure Camp, campers make friends, learn new things and have experiences they may not be able to have anywhere else, like ice skating, rock climbing, playing tennis, fishing, riding bikes and so much more. All of these things combine to help increase skills, improve socialization, establish self-esteem and build or maintain independence for each of our campers. And Anthem is now a part of this mission.

Thank you, Anthem, for your support of our Adventure Camp program, and for your continued support of Variety Kids!