Anthem doesn't just write check, but lovely bedtime story

Peyton in his bed

What do you tell your kids at night? Sleep tight? Sleep well? Sleep safe?

Thanks to another invaluable donation from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, more parents of Variety kids can now say those things with confidence.

That’s because Anthem, through their charitable foundation, has provided another $25,000 grant to help kids like Peyton, a six-year old with cerebral palsy, go to sleep in a SleepSafe bed. A bed that provides a comfy enclosure without any hard edges or places to get trapped.

With Peyton in a SleepSafe bed, his mom, Amanda, doesn’t have to worry about him quite as much. So, in a sense, this bed helps his mom sleep better at night, too.

During the day, Amanda can adjust the bed for him to sit in. And whenever a diaper needs changing, the SleepSafe’s ergonomic design takes backache out of the process.

Like Peyton, and like his family, Variety is extremely grateful to Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. For their generous donation. And for making a safe and sound night’s sleep…a dream come true.