Announcing our latest gift

Variety is excited to announce the receipt of a $20,000 gift from The Dana Brown Charitable Trust, U.S. Bank, Trustee to support Variety Children’s Theatre.

Variety has been a long-time beneficiary of the Dana Brown Charitable Trust, but this gift marks a new and significant expansion of that support.

As you probably know, Variety Children’s Theatre is an inclusive theatre program that gives kids 7-21, with and without disabilities, the chance to learn on-stage and backstage theater craft from experienced performing arts professionals, while putting on a Broadway-level production.

Variety Children’s Theatre is unique to the St. Louis chapter, but, like all Variety programs worldwide, is designed to help kids with disabilities achieve their full potential.

That mission is sure to open up to even more kids served by Variety St. Louis thanks to this extraordinary show of support from The Dana Brown Charitable Trust, established by well-known St. Louis entrepreneur and philanthropist Dana Brown to support the work of a wide variety of St. Louis institutions dedicated to meeting the needs of disadvantaged children.