Variety Theatre Tech Tuesday – 2019 Executive Producer Intern

Each week leading up to Variety Theatre 2019, we’ll be marking “Tech Tuesday” with a special spotlight on this year’s Variety Theatre Interns. These interns will partner with a theatre professional to work behind the scenes, bringing the magic of Mary Poppins to the stage. 

Variety Theatre’s executive producer interns work directly with Executive Producer Jan Albus to ensure that all production criteria are met for each show, including artistic merit, a professional staff and budgetary needs. In short, they make sure all of the right pieces are in the right places.

Or, as this year’s executive producer intern, Mia, puts it, “I get an overview of all pieces that go into shows instead of just focusing on one part.”

Variety Teen Mia has been a Variety Theatre intern for nine years. And this will be her fifth year in the role of executive producer intern.

When asked why she loves being an intern, Mia says, “I like getting to learn about the shows and what goes into them, all while working with friends in a fun environment and gaining skills to help me in the future!”

Mia is truly passionate about theatre, and Variety Theatre has given her a way to learn in an accepting and inclusive atmosphere. She uses assistive mobility equipment to get around, but, at Variety, that doesn’t matter. Instead, the Variety Theatre cast and crew focus on fostering Mia’s love of technical theatre and teaching her the skills she needs for the future.

“Variety is where I found my passion for learning the techniques of putting shows together and working behind the scenes,” says Mia. “This company helped me realize that technical theatre is what I want to do for a career.”

You can see the result of all of this hard work and skill on stage at the Touhill Performing Arts Center October 18 – 27, 2019 during Variety Theatres 2019 production, Mary Poppins. Tickets are available here.