A Note from Variety Family Council

A Note from Variety Family Council to Variety Families Regarding Event Attendance:

Variety Family Council has learned of a programming challenge that impacts Variety events and we are seeking Variety family help to address it! It has come to our attention that, when families sign up to attend Variety events such as Family Celebration and Fall Family Fun Fest, nearly 50 percent of those who register to attend do not show up.

Variety’s registration process requests that Variety families RSVP for these events, and then Variety makes funding plans using this headcount to ensure that enough food, activities and more are available for families when they arrive. When 40 to 50 percent of the anticipated families do not attend, the funds spent to accommodate the “no-show” families are lost and cannot be reallocated to fund therapy, medical equipment or other Variety programs.

The Variety Family Council has partnered with Variety staff to address this issue. The event registration process has now been enhanced, with additional response options and further communication prompts.

On each registration form, Variety families may now select “Yes” or “Maybe” to show their interest in the event. Close to the event date, all those who select “Yes” will receive an email asking them to confirm their attendance, and those who choose “Maybe” will be asked to update their response to “Yes” or “No” in a quick form. As always, we will track attendance at the event with a sign-in sheet.

The Council and Variety St. Louis understand that plans change and challenges arise, so it is our hope that this process will allow families to communicate these changes while also avoiding the impact of a high no-show rate.

Your help is requested to:

  • Be thoughtful in your response as to your likelihood of attendance
  • Inform Variety if your plans change, whether through the confirmation request or by contacting Variety directly

Variety Family Council thanks you for your help in ensuring that Variety funds are used most efficiently to benefit our Variety Kids and Teens.

We value your input and welcome your comments and suggestions via email.

Thank you,

Variety Family Council Families