Camp Memories for All

It’s a beautiful day on the baseball field at Variety St. Louis’ Adventure Camp, and Gabe is at the plate. A perfect pitch comes sailing in – Gabe smacks it into the outfield before taking off around the bases.

Watching Gabe speed across the field, you almost don’t notice how he is getting from base to base. He’s using a special cart designed just for him because he doesn’t have legs – but, obviously, that isn’t stopping him.

For Gabe, this is just another moment at summer camp. For millions of children around the world, summer camp is a formative experience. It is where lifelong friendships are formed and boundaries are pushed in the best way possible – camp is a safe place where campers aren’t afraid to try new things.

At Variety St. Louis, we believe that all kids should have the opportunity to go to camp, no matter their abilities. This is why Adventure Camp was created – to give kids and teens with special needs, like Gabe, the chance to meet friends and conquer new challenges, making memories that will last a lifetime.

Summer camp gives kids the chance to grow. Adventure Camp makes sure kids with special needs don’t have to miss out. And you make all of this possible.

Thank you for your support of lifelong friendships, unforgettable experiences and irreplaceable memories through Variety’s Adventure Camp program.