Tax credits available

Variety Adventure Camp

Adventure Camp is all about making the impossible, possible. Swimming, Rock Climbing, Bike Riding and More! Open to children ages 4-16 with physical and mental disabilities, Variety Adventure Camp includes a two-day session in the winter and four week-long sessions in the summer. Specially trained counselors and medical professionals are on-site each day, as Variety places great emphasis on safety, proper equipment fit and expert instruction, all adjusted for each camper’s ability level.

Tax Credits Available

To those who Support Variety’s Adventure Camp

Any Missouri taxpayer who donates to Variety’s Adventure Camp may receive tax credits under Missouri’s Youth Opportunity Program (YOP). A tax credit is a reduction of the taxes you owe the state of Missouri. Tax credits may be for the tax year in which the donation was made, or carried forward for five succeeding tax periods.

Tax Credits

Credits are available to donors who contribute a minimum gift of $1,000 (cash, stocks/bonds) per calendar year while credits remain.  A taxpayer may receive up to 50% in Missouri state tax credits.  Any entity or individual who pays Missouri income tax and files a Schedule A for itemized deductions may receive a tax credit.  This includes: Individuals, Partnerships, Corporations, LLCs and S Corps. The illustration bellow represent a 35% tax bracket.

Tax Credit Illustration



Missouri YOP Tax Credit


Missouri Tax Savings


Federal Tax Savings


Reduced state tax deduction on federal return


Total Tax Savings (Federal & Missouri)


Net Cost to Donor


As with any charitable giving, please consult with your tax advisor to determine individual tax savings.