Adventure Camp

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Doesn’t every kid deserve to go to camp? That’s how Variety feels. And so, for four weeks in the summer, and two days during winter break, we give kids with special needs a very special experience.

Camper applications are still being accepted here, but please be aware that anyone applying at this time will automatically go on our waitlist. 

Madi was one of our campers this summer. And here’s the thing about Madi: she smiles all the time. So, whether the smiles at camp were just regular Madi smiles, or were actually conjured by the unique experience of camp, it’s kind of hard to say.

Or it was. Until we got this note from Madi’s mom:

I love when Madi goes to Variety camp & comes home with the I Can attitude. She got out of the tub all by herself for the first time tonight. Thank you for having such an amazing camp experience!