Why Variety Theatre - Brian's Story

Variety Teen Brian has a passion for theatre. No matter the role he is given, whether it is a major character or as part of the ensemble, you can bet he is going to give it his all.

Brian’s mom, Melissa, shares a story from Brian’s first Variety Theatre production – Disney’s Beauty and the Beast – that shows this excitement better than anything.

“Brian was so excited to be cast as a wolf,” says Melissa. “He came running out of costume fittings with a very ill-fitting wolf mask. He didn’t care that it wasn’t ready for him yet, saying, ‘I’ll just go like this,’ while cocking his head so he could look out one eye. And he would have if they hadn’t gotten him a mask that fit!”

Through Variety Theatre, Brian has learned to hone this passion and joy into skills that have developed over the last two productions. Under the direction of Production Director Lara Teeter – whom, Melissa says, Brian “thinks the world of” – Brian has taken his talents and applied them to each role he is given, performing them better each time.

“I love Lara and (Assistant Director) Larry for the way they took Brian in, noticed his gifts and have allowed him to have special parts in each show,” says Melissa. “He was so happy!”

If you meet Brian, you’ll notice that this happiness is a constant, especially when doing what he loves. And Variety Theatre has given him the chance to do this on a professional level, building tangible skills outside of acting, singing and dancing.

One of these skills, and one that transfers to his everyday life, is teamwork. Brian enjoys being part of a group and is truly invested in the whole process, understanding that there is no small role on the stage.

“I think Brian is a musical theatre person at heart,” Melissa continues. “Variety Theatre allows him a professional outlet for his natural passion as well as a group of people he calls his ‘tribe.’”

This October, you can see Brian and his ‘tribe’ on stage for Variety Theatre’s 10th anniversary production, Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Tickets available here.