Variety Kid Ryan Takes the Mound

Unless you’re a major league pitcher, heading out to the mound and throwing a pitch before a St. Louis Cardinals game is typically a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Thanks to Bank of America, Variety Kid Ryan was able to do just that.

On April 26, 2018, Ryan made his major league debut at the Cardinals vs. Mets game. He, of course, threw a perfect pitch to player Harrison Bader, and was congratulated by none other than Fredbird! Variety’s Executive Director Brian Roy also joined Ryan on the field, along with Michael Lawrence, of Bank of America, and Amy Best, of US Trust.

But, of course, throwing the first pitch was just the beginning for Ryan and his family. They later joined other Variety families in the Cambria Suite to enjoy the game, also thanks to Bank of America. Both World Wide Technology and Ameren Corporation also loaned us their suites for the game so that even more families could take part in the fun.

The perfect day ended with a Cardinal win after an exciting, extra-innings game, and lots of smiles on the faces of Variety Kids. Thank you, Bank of America, World Wide Technology and Ameren for making it possible!

If you’d like to see Ryan take the field for his pitch, you can watch it on YouTube here. You can also find more photos from throughout the day on our Flickr.