Precise help for Claire

Claire is Claire and clear is clear, and until very recently the twain had rarely met.

You see, 7-year-old Claire, who has severe hearing loss, has hearing aids that, like a lot of hearing aids, don’t do a very good job of isolating particular voices in noisy settings.

Claire had to expend so much energy trying to focus on her teacher’s voice at school, trying to separate it from all the extraneous noise a classroom contains, that she’d come home physically exhausted.

On the soccer field, she couldn’t distinguish her coach’s voice from all the other noise, and often ended up standing, frustrated and crying, on her own little patch of grass.

But now, thanks to the generosity of Variety supporters, Claire has what’s called an FM system, which allows a teacher, coach, or anybody, to wear a “microphone” that wirelessly broadcasts straight to Claire’s hearing aids. And so now, Claire hears clearly.

She’s also speaking clearer now. And her personality is really starting to bloom.

So it should come as no surprise that Claire now gets up eager and excited each morning, knowing that, thanks to the FM system, her hearing aids are really, truly aids to hearing.

Nor should it come as a surprise that Claire’s mom, Heather, says every day is like “waking up on Christmas morning.”

Claire photos