More Inclusive Play in St. Louis

Playing is what being a kid is all about, no matter your abilities. That’s why inclusive playgrounds are so important – they allow kids to just be kids, together.

Last fall, we rounded up some great inclusive playgrounds from around the St. Louis area that are definitely worth a visit. Since then, we’ve found even more fantastic playgrounds to add to the list!

See below for our extended list of inclusive and accessible playgrounds in and around the St. Louis area, and let us know if we missed any!

Dennis & Judith Jones Variety Wonderland Playground in Forest Park – As you may be able to tell by the name, this playground holds a special place in our hearts. Located just outside of Forest Park’s Denis & Judith Jones Visitor and Education Center, this half-acre playground is designed for all children of all ages. Unique features of the play area include a wheel-chair accessible tree house, disc swings, stainless steel slides (perfect for children with cochlear implants), four-seat seesaws and special features for the vision impaired. This playground was designed with Variety in mind, and our Adventure Camp campers can often be found here throughout the summer.

NEW: Jake’s Field of Dreams in Wentzville – This playground, built in honor of young Jake’s life and dreams, just opened in late June of 2018! Youngsters of all abilities will love the sports theme of this park, complete with a playground that looks like a baseball stadium, an accessible football field and even a merry-go-round that wheelchair users can easily use simply by rolling onto a platform. Other elements include sensory items, a wide range of swings, climbing gyms and more.

NEW: Kade’s Playground in Herculaneum – Created in memory of a young boy who loved to play, Kade’s Playground is built for any youngster with an active imagination. Complete with a giant ‘volcano’ just waiting to be explored, multiple sensory and learning elements (such as a basic sign language chart) and more, this playground is perfect for all! They are also currently in the process of adding an accessible splash pad, perfect for warm summer days, and host “Movies in the Park” throughout the summer.

NEW: Willmore Park in South St. Louis – The accessible playground in this large park has a spaceship theme perfect for blasting off into fun. There are multiple levels accessible to wheelchair users, as well as a variety of swings, musical instruments and a splash pad! Willmore Park is also a great place to fish and explore, with paved trails that lead up to the lake.

Tilles Park in Ladue – Designed with the goal to provide interactive play for all, the second of Tilles Park’s two playgrounds focuses not just on accessibility, but fun as well. Inspired by the St. Louis Children’s Hospital’s wish to create a fully inclusive play space for children of all ages and abilities, the playground features many exciting features such as a raised sand play area, adapted swings, a splash pad and much more.

Discovery Playground in St. Charles’ Jaycee Park – This playground uses the natural hillside of the park combined with an “Adventure” theme to create a world of fun for all kids. Featuring areas for kids ages two – five and also those ages five – 12, this fantastic park features both roller and metal slides, a water play feature, musical play features and plenty of connective pathways and trails.

Brendan’s Playground in O’Fallon, MO’s Westhoff Memorial Park – Let the “Bug’s Life” theme of this beautiful park spark the imagination of your kids. Complete with oversized mushrooms, flowers and more, as well as plenty of swings of all types, a climbing net, Freenotes playground instruments and more, kids of all abilities will have a blast exploring this playground.

Tree Top Playground in Clayton’s Shaw Park – Escaping to an imaginary world inside this tree-house themed playground will be easy for all children. Tree Top offers Freenotes instruments, multiple swings, metal slides, a splash pad and much more – including a slide that looks just like a tree trunk.

Zachary’s Playground in Lake St. Louis’ Hawk Ridge Park – What kid doesn’t want to pretend to be a king, queen or pirate (or all of the above)? That’s easy to do at Zachary’s Playground, where a castle and boat theme make playtime even better.