Marcus Wehrenberg Theatres win Variety International Award!

Variety international Award 2017

Corporate Award Winner- Marcus Wehrenberg Theaters

Awarded to corporations who demonstrate a high level of support for a Variety chapter to improve the lives of children who have special needs.

When Variety St. Louis thinks of movie epics, at the top of the bill is Wehrenberg Theatres. Their support for kids with special needs is epic indeed. First of all, Wehrenberg’s involvement with Variety St. Louis goes back to its founding in 1932, when theatre namesake Fred Wehrenberg was on the first Board of Directors. And current Wehrenberg chief Bill Menke is on the board now.

85 years of Wehrenberg support. But that’s not the only outstanding box office number we can quote. How about the more than $1.2 million dollars Wehrenberg has donated over those years. Or the hundreds of thousands of Gold Heart Pins they’ve helped us sell since that program began in the 90s. Or the countless number of smiles they’ve put on the faces of Variety families by providing free movies anytime they want. Or the hundreds of kids with special needs they’ve employed through the years. Or, most publicly the new, pre-movie “turn off your phone” spot, featuring 17 Variety kids, that Wehrenberg shows before every movie, creating millions of impressions for Variety, and its mission, every year.