Introducing: Ameren Power Kid Kenneth

During Runway Lights Fashion Show on April 21, 2018, four of our Variety Kids will appear on the runway in Ralph Lauren fashions designed just for them. They will also be modeling their impressive power chairs, which were provided through Variety thanks to help from Ameren. Leading up to the fashion show, we’ll introduce you to these amazing children and teens, also known as Ameren Power Kids.

Meet Kenneth. Kenneth, who is 20 years old, has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy – but he doesn’t let it slow him down!

Kenneth loves all things technology-related, and you’ll often find him using his favorite social channel, Snapchat, on his cell phone. His favorite television shows are reality shows – especially The Bachelor.

He also loves to watch ESPN, and enjoys watching sports. His favorites are basketball and football, and his number one teams are the Golden State Warriors and the Dallas Cowboys. Kenneth’s favorite player is Stephen Curry.

Kenneth drives a Permobil F5 VS, and it takes him wherever he needs to go. In fact, the chair provides Kenneth a level of independence that allows him to go to therapy sessions on his own via Call-A-Ride. This fall, he’ll also use the power chair to get to his classes at Lewis & Clark Community College, where he plans to study computers through the school’s “College for Life” program.

The chair’s integrated VS system also permits Kenneth to sit in multiple positions, and even stand straight up, which he often does while watching TV to stretch his muscles and practice weight-bearing. This is important – as his legs grow stronger with the help of this standing feature, he is able to walk with just the help of a walker, a major milestone.

You can find Kenneth, and other Variety Kids, on the runway at Runway Lights Fashion Show on April 21. Tickets and tables are available at