Giving Carter More Reasons to Smile


If you’re looking for someone who will brighten up your day, you need to meet Carter. His smile is so infectious that you may not even notice his duplication developmental delays.

Carter, who is just under three years old, already has a head the size of an adult’s. Due to its size, the weight can cause Carter to involuntarily drop his head, which can obstruct his airway, making it difficult to breath. This, combined with seizures that have affected his ability to jump and play, makes everyday living difficult for Carter and his family. His older brother, Caden, has ADHD and Autism, but Mom is determined to help them live their best lives. And we wanted to help them too.

Variety has helped Carter since he was born, and we, with the help of our donors, have provided him and his family with multiple pieces of equipment that help make life a little easier. A new stroller and car seat each keep Carter’s head stabilized, making it easier for the family to take outings together while maintaining his safety. The Leggero Reach wheelchair, complete with transit tie downs, keeps Carter mobile. A soft, washable helmet protects his head from injuries when falling down or while having a seizure. His various therapies help him become stronger, and also help him to learn to speak – he can now say “Hi,” “Bye,” and “Da Da,” all with that beautiful smile on his face.

“Every donation to Variety gives my kid a chance to be like other children,” says Carter’s mom. “He has a chance to be normal and that is hard to come by.”

Carter’s dad goes on to say, “He is so big, at 43 pounds it is hard to carry him. The stroller helps us have a life with him.”

If you would like to donate to help families like Carter’s, click here.