Christian's Family Gets Back to Normal with a Stander

Police officers are willing to put their lives on the line for others. So are our Variety parents when it comes to their children – especially Christian’s mom and dad, who are both first responders in St. Louis.

At home, Christian’s mom is persistent in getting her son everything he needs. She expertly helped him into his new stander to show off everything he is now able to do with the help of Variety and our donors. With this stander, Christian is able to be upright, which is good for his organs and helps strengthen his core. This new piece of equipment is also easy to travel with, fitting in the van alongside Christian’s wheelchair, making his minimum standing time of one hour each day possible. 

Variety has helped Christian, who is a four-year-old with Cerebral Palsy, since he was diagnosed in his first year. Through our program, he has received an activity chair, a gait trainer and a bike. He also receives occupational therapy, physical therapy and communication training on an optical communication device. These pieces of equipment and therapies help Christian interact with his parents and his twin brother Christopher, and spend more time on family outings.

“It (the stander) makes our life more normal,” says Mom. “It allows us to travel with him.” This stander has also given Christian and his mom a chance to enjoy meeting other Variety families through our fun events.

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