Addie’s First Ride

The bicycle Addie received at this year’s Bikes for Kids event may not be her first, but is the first bike she is able to ride on her own.

At four years old, Addie has tried to ride a tricycle, a bike and even various ride-on toys, but she couldn’t get them moving on her own. Addie has been diagnosed with spina bifida, limiting her gross motor skills, which makes it difficult for her to peddle or even stay on the bike by herself.

Addie used to watch out the window while the neighborhood kids enjoyed time outside on their bikes, which made her sad. So her mom, Kristy, tried everything, from tying Addie’s feet to the pedals of a bike to bringing her outside in a wheelchair.

“But a wheelchair isn’t the same as a bike,” says Kristy.

At therapy, Addie had tried riding a therapeutic bike, and she loved it. Her family then found out about Bikes for Kids, and the possibility of Addie having a bike of her very own, and they applied.

“When she found out she was getting her own therapy bike, she was ecstatic,” Kristy says.

Addie’s new therapeutic bike is made just for her, with a whole bunch of features that will allow her to ride independently. This will help her not only be more social and spend more time with friends, but also build up her muscle strength, all while having a blast.

And, judging by the look on Addie’s face when she climbed on her bike for the first time, we don’t think that having fun will be a problem.

In addition to the therapeutic bike, Variety has helped Addie and her family with multiple pieces of equipment, including a zipzac chair and orthotics, as well as assistance with therapy. Kristy is so thankful to all of our supporters who help make this possible.

“We are so unbelievable grateful to Variety and everyone who helps contribute to Variety,” says Kristy. “I honestly don’t know where we would be without this organization. We don’t qualify for any assistance, so we appreciate any help we get. We are so fortunate for everything you do and provide for our family, and families like ours. You all are truly amazing!”

Thank you to everyone, from our donors to our partner organizations to our volunteers, who help make Bikes for Kids possible.